Final Push

28th October day before final presentation

Today it was absolutely essential that we spend the whole day in Uni preparing for the presentation. I was worried at first about how much energy we all had left as this has been a strenuous and long project, but the team really rose to the challenge and it’s probably the best we’ve work. We achieved so much today and it was great to see everything we’d worked on for 5 weeks come together.

  • We went to the FabLab and spoke to a technician about materials and costings.
  • Produced Mock-ups using the laser cutters.
  • Phoned Zenith Media to get quotes on printing(had to phone them again after not hearing back from them after I phoned them last Thursday).
  • Contacted Avon Steel about laser printing metal badges.
  • Set out our space.
  • Created files ready for print studio tomorrow.
  • Created the majority of our presentation.

We’ve still got plenty to do before tomorrows presentation but I firmly believe we will get it done and deliver a strong compelling pitch.


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