Presentation and Real World Conclusion

Thursday 29/10/15 Final client Presentation


The presentation wasn’t until 14:00 so we used the time before this to get our mock-ups complete, space sorted and presentation sl. For the presentation we decided, as we where the awards group, to dress up. So me and Chris wore a white shirt and bow tie while Isabela wore a dress. We also decorated our space with red felt and bought refreshment (drinks and biscuits). Unfortunately both Zenith Media and Avon Steel never got back to me with estimates for the printing of the Recognition Cards and the Laser cut metal badges. After some difficulty we managed to laser cut out a small version of the frame using ply wood and we also managed to laser cut out some examples of the the wooden badges. After we finished decorating our space we ran through our presentation.

The presentation –file:///Users/student/Downloads/Final-Presentation-CC-Awards.pdf

There where roughly 30 people, between our fellow student and the client, at the presentation. Our group was fifth in the order out of the six groups which wasn’t too bad. Mid presentation the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate outside, but things continued a few minutes later. Our presentation went alright. I can’t help but lose my words and get extremely nervous when stood in front of a load of people, this is something I know I will have to get over if I’m to be successful designer. After the pitch we invited the Client (Lynsey Jackson), and anyone interested in knowing more about our design work, over to our table.

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This I thought went much better, well from my perspective, as I felt really convident talking to the individual clients about our concepts and the design strategy. It was also great to see Neil Angove supporting us at the presentation. I had a good conversation with him about our project, as I told him about the sustainable side of our concepts, and I also talked to him about my dissertation. Rhodri Thomas, Training Manager for Cynnal Cymru, who was leading the project told our group that he’d like us to present again in front of (for the love of me I can’t remember) and singled out our presentation and one of the ones he enjoyed, especially the extra effort we went to.

Real World Conclussion

After a long summer I was a little disappointed that we weren’t eased back into uni work with a simpler, shorter and more creative project. Despite this it did become enjoyable. Working & Managing the team and learning about the real world where the two things that stood out to me about the project . Working/Managing the team become hard at points, especially when we had an issue with one of the members, but after that was resolved I thought the group was excellent. I think out of all the groups the three of us connected the best and we become really good friends through out the process. We worked really well with our mentor Katie, who unfortunately wasn’t able to make our presentation, and both Wendy and Matt where tremendous help over the course of the project. Overall it felt more like a business project, but I guess that’s was the real world will be like. I came to the conclusion when we could saw the other groups work that we hadn’t created much graphic material. I think we we’re creative with our concepts/ideas and thought that our solutions to the brief didn’t need to be too graphical. I am happy with what the group produced and I hope Lynsey with Cynnal Cymru Awards decides to take our ideas forward. Both Wendy and Matt where great tutorials and it has been an eye opening project, In that I mean how we learned to work with and handle a real client, plus we learned a lot about our field. It was a lot to take in for the first five week of this year, but now I’m ready for anything.

What is the one piece of advice you would pass on the students doing REAL WORLD next year?

I would tell them to be professional when dealing with your client, group and when writing your blog. Also this is the probably going to be the most relevant project you’ll do before actually finding yourself in the real world, so pay god damn attention.


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