Tutorial with Wendy

I wanted to have a tutorial with Wendy, not only discuss the Penguin brief but to ask for advice about our client wanting to follow up with our ideas, and how we go about it.

Penguin Books

Only being the second day of a two week brief I want to know what I should be doing. I had the urge to start designing already, but I knew I needed research and be more aware of the themes in the book. Wendy suggest some techniques I could try, some she had shared with us during Real World project, that would make me think outside the box and get me away from the obvious solutions. One thing she told me to try was, using a topic or theme, describe it? Then describe it how it makes you feel? she also encouraged me, when doing this, to create more visuals rather than writing. When I’d done maybe three or four, of these topics and themes, I should then look for how they can connect.

Wendy recommend this resource – http://www.gradesaver.com/a-clockwork-orange/study-guide/themes

Real World

Lynsey was interested in us producing the badges and wanted estimates for, 200 and 300 of the wooden, possibly 50 to 100 metal Badges and she proposed that she would be interested if we could create one special badge for a secret award.

Wendy suggested we look at charging £20 per person an hour, get the cost of materials like the plywood + glue + badge backs, and work out roughly how long it’ll take to complete the task ahead.

Which as a group we did and we come up with these figures.

200 x badges will cost £400

300 x badges will cost £500

again these are just estimates. personally I believe it will be less than this, but from a clients point of view its better to hear that it cheap than expected rather than more costly. Just waiting on a response from Lynsey before we do anything else.


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