Idea 2

I still intend to focusing around the musical element of A Clockwork Orange. I like the idea of the story being written as a sheet of music, where the notes represent the emotional journey Alex’s life.

“Burgess was a great lover of classical music and a composer. He sought to integrate more completely musical techniques into literature, and his main contribution to musical literature in A Clockwork Orange, aside from Alex’s great love for Beethoven and other composers, is the symmetrical arrangement of chapters. The three parts of the novel each contain seven chapters, and the descending chapters of the third part usually reverse the ascending chapters of the first part.” Gradesaver

The book is divided into 3 sections and 7 chapters. For the First section I can picture the piece being loud and full of energy as Alex is enjoying the music while beating and raping, The Second section is after he leaves prison, reformed and unable to enjoy the music, so the musical notes will have disappeared and theres nothing but silence, While in the Third Section the music starts again as the story makes a full circle and Alex is back to his violent self.

How I would lay out the piece in terms of visualising three sections

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.19.25

Then being 7 chapters in each section of the book, I like the idea of using the time signature to show this, so 3 + 4 equaling 7. Maybe its something nobody will understand, but that’s what hidden details are all about.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.54.22

As I thought about how I want to lay this out on the book, the thing I am most unsure about is what the music reads? If i’m putting notes in some kind of context, would people notice? approve? criticise? Originally I wanted to used elements of Beethoven’s Ninth Sympathy but wasn’t sure of copy right.


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