Formative feedback

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 01.12.03

Firstly we stuck up all our cover designs, in the penguin template, around our room. There were all shapes and sizes, some had printed the design to fit the whole A3, others were too small, mine was just right lucky just right. We were asked to chose a cover design that was opposite our space, I got Nath’s, and we had to critique there work and give them some honest feedback. Nath said mine look contemporary, which is good, but question my layout saying the title went over the crop mark, but I explained that was intentional as both the sides of the title are cropped. Then in a group, with Ray, we went through all the designs on our side of the room and discussed them in more detail. Overall Ray and the group were pleased with my minimalistic monotone design. As the majority of the designs in the room had the colour orange in it or other cliches from the film(not even the book), I’m glad I designed something original.


  • The silhouette of Alex conducting doesn’t quit look in proportion – can easily adjust this.
  • The type on the back is too big – although it’s only 12pt, maybe try 11? see how it would look printed and see how it looks wrapped around a book.
  •  The knife in Alex’s hand doesn’t work, especially as it goes through the O – something I can alter.
  • As predicted, the printed image was a lot different to the screen design – I plan to experiment with different papers and see what colours work against each other.
  • The hand, which is not holding the knife, doesn’t look natural – I can maybe add a second tone to the conducting silhouette like I did with the crouching one.
  • The design is minimal and I think I did that well, but I think it might be worth exploring some typography as it’s an element I have considered, but not for the style I wanted to achieve.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 01.07.28

Aside from the difference the printed version has to the on screen design. I’d say I’m pretty happy with the outcome, considering I spent 2/3’s of the project researching and that it’s the first design I’ve done properly on Adobe Illustrator, it’s been a good project. Even though the book was controversial and not something I’d usually read, or watch in the case of the film, I become really interested in it, especially the authors intentions.


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