Penguin Brief reflection

So as this project in uni has finished, but the actually penguin submission date isn’t until 12 noon on Wednesday 9 March 2016, I’ve decided to look closer at the requirements again and to compare them to my design.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 16.23.45

The Brief

A Clockwork Orange is as dazzling and inventive to new readers today as it was when it was first published half a century ago. The story is well known both in celluloid and print so it is essential to come at it from a fresh angle. Try to design a new cover for a new generation of readers, avoiding the obvious clichés. Originality is key.

Your cover design needs to include all the cover copy as supplied and be designed to the specified design template (B format, 198mm high x 129mm wide, spine width 10mm).

What the judges are looking for:

We are looking for a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept and clearly places the book for its market. While all elements of the jacket need to work together as a cohesive whole, remember that the front cover must be effective on its own and be eye-catching within a crowded bookshop setting. It also needs to be able to work on screen for digital retailers such as Amazon.

Maybe my design could be a little more striking, I noticed from a distance it wasn’t the easiest to read. might just be down to the colours needing to be adjusted.

The winning design will need to:

  • have an imaginative concept and original interpretation of the brief – I think I tick this box. Think with the research I collected and approach I took that my design and angle to the brief is original.
  • be competently executed with strong use of typography – Despite creating a minimalist design, I could take the typography further.
  • appeal to a contemporary readership – The feedback I got from Nath and Ray, and of course my personal opinion, concludes that my cover design has a contemporary appeal.
  • show a good understanding of the marketplace – I think I could look at similar books to see what they have in common. I think I capture the mood of the story tho with simplistic graphics that don’t give too much away.
  • have a point of difference from the many other book covers it is competing against – It’s safe to say I’ve split myself from anyone using the cliches e.g. Orange, Clockwork, The droog uniform, Milk, etc. Maybe developing the type could add to my chances of creating a more unique design.
  • be able to sit on the shelves of a supermarket or ebook store as easily as it sits on those of more traditional bookshops – That is an interesting requirement. To make a contemporary design that works both in modern supermarkets, traditional book shops and I assume Libraries. Could mean I would have to adjust colours. I think my book as an element of timeless design.
  • Copyright must be cleared for all images used in your cover design – All images are 100% mine

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