Mondays tutorial

On Monday we had tutorials about our thoughts on the competition briefs.

Firstly Ian asked me what type of design do I want to be? and what do I want to specialise in? My reply was that I want to be an all round designer and I didn’t want to specialise in everything. I want to do branding projects, packaging design, animations, app design, campaigns, etc. Being a multi skilled designers would mean it easier to find jobs, more money, stronger CV, and the work would always be different.

Having only had the weekend to read and research over 50 briefs, but I had managed to focus on 8 I saw seen potential in doing. The reason I chose the 8 was that they entailed different things, some where looking for you to producing an animation, or campaign, or packaging. I stated in a previous post which briefs interested me and why.

What I wanted to gain from this tutorial was whether or not it was a good idea to try out something new, like animation, as it’s something I haven’t tried but would like to add to my skill set, or would it be better to stick to something I was familiar with like branding or campaigns? We discussed what the beneficial of experimenting, both good and bad. Giving the project is four weeks, I think it’s enough time to give something new a try. I asked, if I tried some animation, and as the actual brief doesn’t end until March, if I managed to developing a concept/animation to a reasonable level/quality, that it would be ok for the four week project? Which means if I was learning new software I could manage the project more accordingly, instead of rushing it and producing something I wasn’t happy with. Ian understood and said it would be okay if I talked through the process and development, being realistic about the timescale.

The next thing we discussed was the weight of the briefs I had chosen. For example the Fever-Tree brief was to design a limited edition bottle, when you compare that to creating a campaign for Orchard Pig, then it seems a lot easier. My argument was that if I was experimenting with new software and mediums, then I would be happier take on a simpler brief and executing it well, apposed to taking on a tougher more complexed brief and struggling. As I see it this four week project is an opportunity to experiment before we do the two larger projects, including our major project, next year. One thing Ian said that made sense was, that I don’t only have to pick the briefs that said they want an animation produced, and that most of the briefs allowed you to created an animation.

By Fridays group tutorial I need to have narrowed it down to two briefs, with 3 ideas of each. Let the research begin!


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