Dissertation progress

I’m almost up to the three thousand word mark, which isn’t great at this point, but better than I expected with my track record with essays. What I’m see the more I work on it is that I’m either unsure of what I’m trying to achieve, or I’m discovering new things that I need to go back a research. I am unsure about the order and structor of the chapter, which is frustrating me. I know I can’t wait until Ashely gives me some feedback in mid December because thats a month away, so it’s up to me to put the time in to work this out. 

At the moment the structure is something like this


Chapter One

What is bad design? although I might change this to Good vs Bad design

Strategic – examples

Sustainable – examples

Ethical – examples

This chapter is based on David Bermans “Do Good Design” a little of Alex Steffens “Worldchanging” and “Cradle to Cradle”

I want to show examples of design done bad and well. could almost be a case study.

I’m worried about the bridge between these chapters. I can’t just jump for talking about design to climate change. Maybe I could end the first chapter with a compelling statement on design’s influence on the planet?

Chapter Two

Global Warming/Climate change. whats the difference?

What exactly is it?  

Whats causing it? Burning Fossil fuels (Cars, factories), Overconsumption, material waste, etc.

How long have we know of it? history from then to now, highlighting important dates.

Consequences of it in the future?

Chapter Three

Back to design?

What has design got to do with global warming? 

How is design causing this? influencing Human Behaviour? Designing using bad materials, Creating with no sustainability in mind?

Chapter four

I’m in-between talking about Human Behaviour(maybe chapter three), or going straight to promising design innovations, design pledges and cities doing just this.

What I would like the achieve with the last chapter is to show how design and design solutions that can counter Global warming. Showing a variety of examples of mays graphic design can do it, product design and architecture, and what countries or cities are invested in a brighter green future.




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