Gut feeling

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 21.48.01

I’ve decided to go with my gut feeling on this and have chosen Fever-Tree as one of the two brief I’m going to take into the group tutorial Friday. The reasons for this being, firstly – I think designing the artwork/graphics for a product, in this case a bottle, would be something I haven’t done and would definitely add variety to my portfolio, which is the purpose of this years projects. Secondly I’m interested in supermarket products, having spent a lot of time around them when working, and it’s definitely an area of design I would consider in the future.

The brief asks you to create a set of 4 unique designs for 4 country’s, of one region, thats troubled by Malaria. Although it doesn’t say anything about creating an animation, Ian said that we can/should do more than the brief asks for, so doing an animation is still something I can see myself doing.

I know it’s not the most challenging brief, but It means I can experiment and for me, that what I want to gain before our projects next two terms.\

An article by HOWdesign that seems fitting to what I want to achieve in this project.

10 Ways to Find Your Purpose as a Designer

Approach your work as a lifelong experiment. You‘ll hear advice such as, “Do one thing and do it well.” In my experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Purpose is what guides you. What you do and how you do it are simply expressions of that larger purpose. If you’re a person with varying interests, you should never limit yourself to just one focus. It will drive you mad and you will likely become disenchanted.


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