I had a good tutorial today with David Wrenne, who is our replacement for Olwen, and it’s the first time I’ve spoken to him.

I showed him the research I had collected and overall was impressed. I told him about my concern over some of the elements in the brief, like the submission requirements and the template of the bottle design. I talked him through using the Amazon Rainforest, as I’ve chosen South America, as the focus of my design, due to discovered that it branches into over a number of countries in SA. I chose Brazil, Ecuador,  Peru and Bolivia. He again liked this and agree that it would hold the four uniquely designed bottles together. I explained that to differentiate the bottles there would be a different tropical bird on each, I chose bird’s because of how many species are in the rainforest.

He suggest maybe incorporating more features of the individual countries into the bottle design, but subtly so not the divide the suit e.g. on the Brazil i could have an image of Christ the Redeemer. He also told me to think about the celebration and Carnival side of South America, after seeing the images I had collect of SA art. I think I’ve been caught up in making a elegant bottle and have strayed away from making it beautiful and vibrant.


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