Group tutorial

We had a group tutorial today with David, where we had the opportunity share our ideas, concerns and get feedback from everyone.

first David recommended that I looked at the mask’s designed by artist James Green –

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 18.28.06

over 50 masks based on the face of John Merrick the elephant man. Not sure if he was on about these masked, but I see the tribal element and how it relations to South America.

We discussed how the Amazonian river should feature somewhere on the bottle, Which I think is fair.

How there needs to be elements of each bottle that relate not only to South America, but the country e.g. for Ecuador I could use and image of Iguana’s, or the Christ the redeemer statue for Brazil.

Personally I think I need to research Malaria and how Mosquito’s carry it

I showed the designs I had created, well these are more about the potential layouts of the design on the bottle.


Someone suggested, as the liquid  in the bottle is transparent, why not have graphics that are visible from the front of the bottle but have been printed on the back of the bottle? adds depths and gives me more space to play with. We also talked about the different finishes I could use e.g, UV glossy, Heat sensitive, etc.. All of the ones I talked about at the end of the penguin book cover project.

Apparently Fiji was thought of when I talked about the third idea of using a volcano for Ecuador’s bottle.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 19.43.03.png

Not entirely sure how it relates, but it has got a tropical feel to it.

It was stated by David ,that even tho I intend to expand on the brief and produce other material/touch points, like animations and posters, that I focus on making a good job of the bottles. I agree completely and have given myself all of this week to develop and finish the bottles, so I can use the last week to do the additional work.

I think I’m ready to start designing.

Cue….Adobe Illustrator


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