First illustrations

So I started by creating a moodboard of compiling of rainforest illustrations, plant patterns and leave vectors, that I’d found online.

I could see trends and I like the simplicity of some of the illustration. I liked the mono toned designs and the ones with contrasting colours. Theres texture and tones on some of the illustrations. I felt that some of designs looked like they’d come out of a children’s book, while others looked as if they’d come from an agricultural plant dictionary thing (you know what I mean).

Now that I’d had some references to go by, I createdI  some simple illustrations of leaves and flowers on Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 17.23.42

I experimented with colour, stroke, background, opacity. Having done a few sketches, of how the design might sit on the bottle, I went on Illustrator and had a play around.

It’s simple and messy but a starting point.


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