Dissertation Chapter 1

I still don’t quite understand what exactly I hope to achieve by my dissertation. It’s starting to get really frustrating, and I can’t write until I know what I need to research or write. So far I’ve written about global warming/climate change, but need to tie it in with design. I want to talk about

  • Social responsibility and our role as designers
  • Ethical and transparent design
  • Promising design solutions for Global Warming
  • Human behaviour

But where does this fit in to my dissertation? how do I connect this to global warming? I know that they are related, I just haven’t figured out how to structure it.

At the moment I’ve done a chapter on Global Warming, but do I start with it? Originally I was going to start by talking about design, it’s history, whats good and whats bad. Thinking about it now I’m not sure if it’s necessary that I talk about such a broad topic. Every time I re-structured my dissertation, the feedback I keep getting is that it’s still too vague.

I need to specifically talk about stuff that I believe is related to global warming, like “designers responsibility” and how it’s a down to them to shift the force that is climate change, or how visual communication “graphic design” can influence “human behaviour“and habit, as well as companies  being ethical and transparent.

I want to challenge peoples perception of what good design is, and that it goes way beyond aesthetic values. For example – the roundabout in Africa that pumps water, while entertaining children playing on it. “Good design is a strategic, sustainable, ethical response to a business problem.” (Berman D. 2009,  P. 125), David Berman and Alex Steffen discuss good design.

Ethical practice and transparence. AIGA is the largest professional membership organization for design, and a great website for resources.

Over-consumerism is something that is contributing to global warming that a designer can influence, both graphic and product. Both Berman, cradle to cradle and Steffen’s over about this. To much waste and the miss use of materials.

Human behaviour is again important in tackling Global Warming, which visual communication can greatly impacted. I’ve been speaking to CSAD lecturer Neil Angove about the subject, being an area he specialises in. He believes changing human behaviour is how we’re going to tackle global warming.

Dissertations structure

Intromay need to be re-written now

Chapter 1 – all about global warming

Chapter 2 – what has design got to do with this? Thinks a designer can                                 influence – human behaviour & social responsibility & ethical                         design & material use & over consumerism. may not all of                                 these

Chapter 3 – Finish, on a high, with promising design solutions –                                             Architectural & Campaigns & Product & Graphical


I think this is all doable. It definitely makes more sense than what I was originally going to do. I have tutorial with Ashely on Tuesday 8th to discuss what I handed in about 3/4 weeks ago. Her feedback was that my idea I again to vague, but I think I’ve sorted that out and will discuss during the tutorial, I’ve also done a lot more for chapter one, that’ll I will show her. In the meanwhile I think I should source out reading material for chapter 2, and probably finish the first chapter.



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