Materials – Cradle to cradle


products/materials that make something lesser and not of the same standard as it was.

Built in obsolescence – cradle to grave

design with Built in obsolescence so to only last a certain amount of time

Technical Metabolism

A technical nutrient is a material or product that is designed to go back into the technical cycle, into industrial metabolism for which is came.

Biological Metabolism

A biological nutrient is a material or product that is designed to return to the biological cycle – it is literally consumed by microorganisms in the soil and other animals.

 Respect diversity 

Respecting diversity in design means considering not only how the product is made but how it is to be used , and by whom.

Great quote “Imagine a building like a tree, a city like a forest” P139

Using local material

Avoiding the problem of bio-invasion, when transfer of materials from one region to another inadvertently introduce invasion of nonnative species to fragile ecosystems. Will also benefit local economy.

how can we enrich local species, and invite them into our “cultivated” landscape instead of destroying or chasing them away?

How can we gain profit and pleasure from a diversity of natural energy flow?

How can we engage with an abundance of diverse materials, option, and responses, of creative and elegant solution


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