Role of the designer – Do good design

Design influences

  • How messages intended to influence the behaviour of large audiences are selected, crafted, and developed.
  • How people are portrayed and represented visually
  • How raw materials for designed objects (such as the paper for this book) are consumed.

Advertising and design change change how youth behave and think.

If that message is counterproductive to the larger strategy of a sustainable world, then my effort is also irresponsible.

Overconsumption is fueled most powerfully by clever visual arguments to convince everyone (including large, growing Developing World populations) to consumer more and more. The impact of designers and consumers of design is huge. We should be held responsible.

Ethical design is also profitable: both client and designers make more money in the long term by making a promise to customers that is later fulfilled.

Ethical design and promotion can be the most efficient marketing. Getting excellent products into the hands of consumers with tangible needs, through clear communication that delights and informs, is a profitable sustainable business.

Smoke and mirrors

Imagine again a society’s potential where the largest signs, the cleverest ads, the most prominent messages promote healthy behaviour.

What degree of responsibility do designers have for the offences that led to that court decision in florida? Aren’t the ad and package designers just as guilty of promoting destructive behaviour? they had access to the strategies that laid out the mechanisms of nicotine addiction and tricking people into trying to smoke. So how long until the agencies, the art directors and the designers get sued along with their tobacco company clients?

Social responsibility is also good for design because it will protect the profession.

Lies in words are controlled with libel and fraud laws, while subtle visual lies are often not and so many creative liars can continue to operate with impunity (exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines).

A well-crafted visual lie can easily outperform a lie built solely of words. This is because images provoke subconscious visceral reactions. The imagery can be so subtle that people often don’t realise they are being manipulated.

Our society has a legal code that is based on words, not visual literacy.

Speaking the truth – make more profit and look better for you in the long run.

Code of ethics

The print industry is the third largest waste producer on earth.

Designers must educate the public that design is strategy not decoration. How design was doing good in their community, in their hospitals, in their streets, in their water, in their air. Design Matters

EIDD is dedicated to how design can improve life while leaving no one behind.

First Things First design Manifesto


One Comment on “Role of the designer – Do good design”

  1. Melisa says:

    I’ve been poring over some of your beautiful posts, and this is a really good social design.

    “Imagine again a society’s potential where the largest signs, the cleverest ads, the most prominent messages promote healthy behaviour.”

    It would be great if there’s a billboard with a wording like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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