I had a tutorial with David, which would be the last one before the project finishes. I told him that I was getting tired and other thinking my current design. I created a series of designs that where simple –

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 16.00.36

These weren’t taken too well, so we went back to the original designs and talked through them –

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 16.09.24

Points made

  • Why haven’t I incorporated the Amazonian river into the design? we talked about a few ways I could do that.
  • If I was worried about separating the bottles/countries, like the two on the right, that I create four like of the first bottle but using more subtle tones of a colour.
  • We got Wendy’s import, which was interesting. She told me to think about the users experience of the bottle. Like how it would sit in the hand, how the design will be seen when being pored and what would happen to it’s finished?
  • Story. which has been mentioned a lot during this project, but in my case I never found it relevant. Might be part of the users experience.
  • We talked about there being something hidden or something that only appeared from a certain angle. Theres the basic idea of hidding the mosquito, but what if something appeared when you hand covered the back of the bottle? what if the ink was heat sensitive and revelled something? or the ink glowed in the dark?

Guess I go from there.


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