More than just a beautiful bottle

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 14.18.43

Wendy had me thinking, like she did during Agents of Change and Real World, about the sustainability of the bottle. Even thou the brief is to design four unique bottles that can be recognised as being in a set, it doesn’t say I can’t explore the sustainability of the bottle after it is finished. What is the journey and purpose of Fever-Tree’s Limited Edition collection working with Malaria No More? What can it be once the drink is finished? Possibilities –


Was going to jot down a list but visuals are so much better. I guess it depends on what I can do with the shape of Fever-Trees bottle. I particularly like the idea of using it as a light afterwards, very hipster and a massive trend at the moment, especially liking the idea of hanging the bottle from the chandelier. Unlike the idea of using it for flowers it’ll involve less maintenance in the long run, although regularly interacting with the flowers would keep you reminded of the cause of the bottle and bring life apposed to electricity.

Hidden messages or images

I think, well I know, it would be to straight forward and predictable to design just a beautiful aesthetically pleasing bottle, Like I noted from the D&AD: A strong idea will always beat something that looks nice. Originally I was going to subtly place mosquitos in and around the bottle, but I’ve come to think about more complex ways of discussing imagery and messages. When doing the Penguin book cover design project, I researched print finishes and I got a few idea from that.

The first involves Glow in the dark ink, for example, on the inside-back of the bottle, could be a swam of mosquitos that only appear in the dark? or a message could show? maybe Malaria No More could glow through the bottle?

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 16.29.40

The Second I was thinking of how I could us thermochromic heat sensitive ink to revel something, but this seem a lot more complex because it involves being extremely well planned and researching into how the consumer would interact with the bottle. Unless the person is told to warm up a certain area to revel something, then I don’t think it would happen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 16.28.21.png

another concern I have is that a bottle of Tonic Water will be bought and disposed of within days of buying it, so hidden messages or imagery may be wasted on a lot of people.

Interacting with the bottle

Wendy told me to consider the physical side of the bottle and how the consumer might interact with it. for Christmas Coke Cola have ingeniously designed their label so that it can be transformed into a decorative bow. Simple things like that do a lot for a product.

What if for the Fever-Tree bottle it had a infographic, or something that told you about Malaria, that opens from the back of the bottle?

Again I have a lot to think about before Friday. I’m not too worried because I know we’ve got a few months to develop and finish our work before submitted for the competitions, YCN in my case. As long I clearly state my intentions to continue the project and experiment with touch points, animation and finishes, I should be more than alright to finish were I am Friday, That is if they read my blog…fingers crossed.


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