I wasn’t happy with how I delivered it and the information it contained. It was missing a lot of vital research and I did’t create a slide at the end showing how I intend to take the project forwards, touch points and social network options. I did so much research, in my blog, that when it came to creating the 10 page presentation, I wasn’t sure what to include. I having include more than enough research and development in my blog so I hope thats whats marked, and not the presentation.

It’s been an interesting project and, in a sense, I have enjoyed it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experiment much with animation, due to the pressure of our dissertation during the past 4 weeks, although I used a lot of Adobe illustrator, instead of Photoshop which is what I did last year for everything, so I’m happy with that. I have struggle about decision making and it has effected this project, so thats something I need to address.

I will continue with developing my idea and I do intend to submit my designs + material for the YCN on the 24/03/16


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