Key Dates – Dissertation notes

Do good design

Chapter 11 P.135

1964 – First Things First manifest Ken Garland, and thought our skill could              be used in a more nobler way.

1983 –  The world bodies of the main design disciplines (icograda, IFI, and                  icsid) jointly declared that “a designer accepts professional                              responsibility to act in the best interest of ecology and of the                            natural environment.”

1996 – Design has been a certified profession. The term “R.G.D.” (and                      “Registered Graphic Designer”) is now a professional designation                   protected by law. The Rules of Professional Conduct are linked                         through certification to the law of Ontario.

1999 – Movement of sorts?

2000 – The society of Graphic Designers of Canada adopted a courageous                   and progressive national code of ethics, standing on the shoulders                 of inspiring documents for around the world. Including a                                   commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

2000 – First Things First second release, published in adbusters, the AIGA                   Journal, Blueprint, Emigre, Eye, Form, and Items.

2005 – AIGA, the world body for communication design, offers the                               Canadian model as a benchmark for design associations in other                     countries seeking to establish their own code of conduct.

90% of Europe’s top companies publish corporate social responsibility reports.

Changing the existing system.

Being green has now become a mainstream obsession. p.143

Ways you can do help- Cradle to cradle

  • Demand objects that are designed to last
  • Avoid disposable
  • Carry one great pen – fuck Bic
  • Eat fewer animals
  • Avoid bottle water
  • drink and eat local
  • Resist all messages that seek to convince you that you need to consume in order to feel good
  • Avoid products made of PVC, the hazardous waste of the display industry
  • Buy products that tell the truth
  • Resist being manipulated by visual lies
  • Lead by example

Design your better future, then help us all design ours.




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