Dissertation order

Still slightly unsure of the order of things. This is currently how it looks


Chapter one

  • What is global warming
  • Whats causing it
  • How long have we be aware of it/history
  • How is it effecting us

Chapter two

  • What has design got to do with it?
  • The infrastructure of the industrial revolution
  • Materialism and Consumerism ‘life style’ and mass production
  • Manipulation
  • Human behaviour
  • Product design

Chapter three

  • History of when design took a turn for the best
  • Good design – graphics and product, influencing human behaviour
  • examples of design done well – companies, cities, products


I think it’s still ‘vague’, which is what i should of titled it, but I think if I can get up to a rough 8,000/9,000 words by the end of the week or at-least before my final tutorial on the 19th Jan, then I can work towards removing the unnecessary.


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