Presentation structure

Presentation – Andrew R Pres

slide 1- Serendipity – why I chose it.

Slide 2 – what does it mean?

  • The accident of finding something good without looking.
  • Happy accident
  • pleasant surprise

Slide 3 – Pinterest quotes

Slide 4 – where did it originate from?

  • 1754 Horace Walpole
  • Twickenham, South London
  • He is remembered today as perhaps the most assiduous letter writer in the English language.
  • English writer, connoisseur, and collector

Slide 5 – Three princes of Serendip (1557)

  • published by Michele Tramezzino in Venice in 1557
  • Persian fairy tale about three princes from The Isle of Serendip who where always making discovery’s by accident, and not what they where on quite for.
  • Horace believe the story was less about dumb luck but skill and the three princes possessed a superpower of observation.

Slide 6 – 7 – Dr Erdelez agreed with Horace in the mid-1990s

  • If serendipity is a skill we can cultivate
  • Did a study using 100 people to find out how they created they’re own serendipity
  • she recognised three types of people
  • “non-encounterers” who where focused when looking for information and rather than wandering off into the margins
  • “occasional encounterers” who stumbled into moments of serendipity
  • “super encounterers” who reported happy surprises popped up wherever they looked

Slide 8 – Intentional Serendipity

  • TEDxUNC -Corey Ford CEO of Matter Ventures

  • Innovated design sparked by not knowing it is exactly what your looking to achieve.

Slide 9 – inventions

  • microwave oven
  • safety glasses
  • smoke detectors
  • artificial sweeteners
  • X-ray imaging

The keys to cultivating serendipity is in your observing the small cues and then acting on them!

Slide 10 – how it works

Slide 11 -12 – Erick Davis – Juxtaposition of serendipity

  • American writer, scholar, journalist and public speaker
  • Its about the juxtaposition of extremes that creates that formal operating space of serendipity.
  • Juxtaposition is an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast

Slide 13 – film – Serendipity (2001)

  • romantic comedy
  • fate
  • universal signs

Slide 14 – ideas and sense of direction

  • maybe a visual of a narrative through my life and the serendipitous events that have taken me to where I am today?
  • maybe where this project takes me?

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