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Originally I took the tutorial to discuss the topic, due to the amount of time spent on dissertation, but I was hit by an idea when I was about to fall asleep. So I discussed my research and idea with Ian.

My idea

To produce a publication educating the reader to embrace their serendipitous side. The work would suggest a number of tasks aimed to influence your daily routines. For example, Go to and read the poem of the day, Or instead of working at home, or in uni, or library, spend an hour or so in a cafe.

Ian was concerned with how ambitious the idea was, saying that as it could be an end of year show piece, it could be done on a larger scale. He said it had potential but maybe the audience of generally anyone was too broad, suggesting art students, Which I totally agreed with. Some of the research I did was looking at how an artists work space can play a big part in how innovated and creative their work was. It remind me of a book my sister owns

Steal Like An Artist


Really like the illustrations as well. Think I’ll have to steal a copy off my sister. The aims I gave myself before the tutorial on Thursday is to think of an alternative idea, as well as the publication idea, that’s far more ambitious and large scale.


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