Serendipity Publication Idea


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Quilt designer Alyce Blyth talks about how taking time to do something irrelevant and fun and talking to others, will better your ability to generate ideas and creativity.
“This concept of making time to just play and talk has resurfaced over the past decade or so, with many companies like Google now instituting the idea that 10-15% of an employee’s time is just to brainstorm, research and create their own ideas.”
Brilliant example, it’s about exercising your creative side, but not being aware of doing it.
“As creators, we need to talk. We need to share our ideas, share our knowledge, share our passion for our art. When we do, we inspire others, we teach others to take our ideas and knowledge and go and make something themselves.”
it is interesting how having a simple discussion with someone, a friend, college, customer, can lead to discovering important and relevant information that you had no idea the person would possess. You could call it chance or luck, I guess serendipity is a bit of both but brought on by subconscious actions.

“Whether you’re a sciences, humanties or arts person, the need to talk and play and dream is too important. Without it, you cannot truly test the limits of what you know and create by allowing space for serendipity to happen. As Geim says, it’s better to be wrong than boring!”

Really interesting points. I can relate to a few occasions were I’ve been talking to someone about a project, with no intentions to gain anything, and out of nowhere its sparked an idea.


I believe in the idea that exposing yourself to new things, rather than sticking to your interests, can benefit you creatively. The fact that when some designers research only the topic/subject to generate ideas is a tiring routing. I myself has been guilty of this, and sometimes find myself being stuck behind my laptop and research online, instead of talking to people, going for a walk, or even just reading a magazine (Juxtapoz, Boat, Little White Lies and maybe the occasional snowboard and golf magazine). Although, once I had a tutorial and got to discuss my word, Ideas came from nowhere. We are researchers, but we are also creatives, this means we have to be creative about our research. Anyone can research a topic, but not everyone can tap into the creative side of the brain to generate innovative research strategies.

My point is that designers and artist can’t produce exciting, innovative ideas when all they do is use the same workspace and go online and spend hours staring at a screen. They need to be outgoing, experience new things, be daring, be sociable, and have fun.


As mentioned in my dissertation, the stuff I have learned over the past year has influenced my practice, and for this project I want to design something thats purposeful, sustainable and can contribute to society, apposed to something that maybe on be seen once. My first idea does exactly that, I hope.

The idea behind my publication is that it guides creatives on how to be more serendipitous to better their creativity and idea generating.

IDEA 1: How to be more serendipitous creatively


I think it will be worth interviewing stakeholders, art students for example, to see what they might do to exercise their creativity, or the things they do that others might not. Questionaries will also be useful in gathering the right information.

IDEA 2 ????

In the tutorial Monday I stated that by tomorrows tutorial I would have another idea to bring to the table, something on a larger scale and more ambitious than the publication. I’ve found it difficult, especially during the final push on my dissertation, to think of another idea. Below I’ve tried to do a brainstorm about what it means to be creative and how serendipity can effect it.

FullSizeRender (1)

I am still interested in the idea of how a work space can alter the perception of its user, after reading an article on it last week, and how surrounding this space with interesting items and media, can increase serendipitous moments leading to great creativity. I can see this being done as an experiment for my final outcome, but I am concerned with how do-able this idea is. It would be interesting, but science and physiology aren’t subjects I’m too familiar or confident in using.

I still wouldn’t mind having a second option for this project, but if its the case that I don’t then I’m not overly concerned. I admit I chose a word that would be challenging, I didn’t quite expect it to be this difficult tho.

It’ll be good to have a discuss tomorrow about my word.


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