Tutorial with Ray

We discussed my idea of designing a publication that helps creatives be more serendipitous. A few interesting things we talked about was- the design of the book and the element of chance that could be included in what you look at in the book. For example – if the book is filled with a 100 tasks, then how the used decide can be down to the number you get from rolling dice.

For the design of the book, it could be quirky and inspiring in itself. For example, pages could be pulled out, the way its read is different, etc. got plenty to think about for this.


A chance of happening of event.

An interesting phrase that came out of the conversation with Ray was “Take out of control” I’d like my idea to have a user experience that involves directions, rather than letting the reader choose what they do. It about encourage random acts that maybe lead them to discovering something relevant.

I also received some nice feedback from Ray about my current research: to date you’ve been thinking and looking creatively

The next step is to research into creative and interactive books, aswell as gathering some information about what other artist and creatives do in their spare time, that can help creatively thinking.


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