Artist books and publications

Examples of quirky, interactive, and unique books

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Schilling, W. (2009) Half Life/Full Life

The book is a timeline from the first atomic bomb test through each change in the Clock marking the estimated time until total annihilation of humankind. The book is bound with dry mount adhesive and is a variation on a Claire Van Vliet structure(Woven and interlocking book structures). The binding strip is printed letterpress on Tyvek, the pages are Epson printed using Ultrachrome inks(Developed for the latest generation of inkjet professional printers, Epson UltraChrome Ink was the first step into the production of professional pigment ink)Wilber Schilling is the artist/owner of Indulgence Press, creating fine press books, artists’ books, broadsides, and prints since 1992; specializing in design, photography, letterpress printing, and binding; often accepting commissions and working in collaboration with other artists.


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The accompanying artbook conceptualized as a children picture book in close cooperation between the artist and book designer Philipp Hubert at Hubert & Fischer, depicts the interdependency of the projects aesthetic and its content. 26 pages(cardboard), 24 pages(textbook) with rounded edges.

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Book designer Philipp Hubert at Hubert & Fischer – other books

Ashely Bickerton

Design of the monumental monograph of artist Ashley Bickerton who resides in Bali. The book is a visual journey throughout his whole career. A customized typeface was designed, inspired by the mother of pearl inlays found in the artist’s artworks. In addition, for the limited edition we designed a carved foredge and a teak slipcase, handmade by Balinese artisans. This project was designed with Stefan Sagmeister.

Art Direction: Stefan Sagmeister (designs covers including Alex Steffen(2011) WorldChanging: Guide for the 21st century, which I used for my dissertation)
Design and Typeface: Philipp Hubert

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Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is a New York-based graphic designer and typographer. Sagmeister co-founded a design firm called Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. with Jessica Walsh in New York City.

Sagmeister, S.(2008) Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far

The projects in this book began as a list Stefan Sagmeister found in his diary under the title ‘Things I have learned in my life so far’. Given an incredible amount of freedom by some of his clients, he began transforming these 21 aphorisms into typographic works; they have since appeared as French and Portuguese billboards, a Japanese annual report, on German television, in an Austrian magazine, as a New York direct mailer and as an American poster campaign. Taken together, the collection is part design project, part work of art, part examination of the pursuit of happiness.


Agency: DESIGN ARMY Location: Washington, D.C. Website:

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Le Cirque du Junque Papier

Agency: Edelman Location: Atlanta, Georgia Website:

Found some amazing examples of unique book designs. Really interesting, despite doing the Penguin Bookcover project, I’d thought about finishes,e.g. glossy, UV ink, etc, but I hadn’t considered the design of the book.

Think the next thing I need to do is visit some book shops or the library to physically examine some books to see how they work.


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