Being more creatively serendipitous and my creative journey

My idea is to create a publication that guides creatives to being more creatively serendipitous or just getting creative individuals to get out of they’re routines or the norm, and encouraging them to be exercise there mind to generate unsought of and accidental but unique ideas and outcomes.

Due to dissertation consuming almost all of my time the past two week, it’s been beneficial to explain and access my idea. Getting back into this project is difficult but I’m slowly becoming about the outcome.

I’m not a hands on kind of designer(or artist), I’d far rather pick up a fine-line pen and do a neat and detailed piece, instead of getting a jar of ink and making a mess(wish I could), so the idea of making and mocking up this publication(likely to be a book) is a little outside my comfort zone. Although one thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years is to “never be comfortable” or “too comfortable”, so taking projects and making outcomes that are from ‘the norm’ is something I’ve been practicing this year. It’s been hard, and risky considering how much is at stake this year, but it will prepare for the future, in being more versatile and open minded when it comes to the real world.

Discovering Pseudoserendipity, through reading Royston M. Roberts’ Serendipity: Accidental discoveries in science, has made it easier to understand serendipity.


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