Pseudoserendipity vs Serendipity

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Pseudoserendipity: to describe accidental discoveries by ways to achieve an end sought for, while Serendipity is to make unsought for discoveries.

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Pseudo–serendipity vs. Serendipity. From Bob Holmes’ article “Get Lucky” 22-28/08/15

“The trick is to subdivide the universe of possibilities into either/or options, and do it over and over again.”

“how important it was for a scientist to plan for and encourage serendipity, and leverage human intuition, in designing analytic models.” BILL SCHMARZO.

“Serendipity –the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way – is a useful concept.  Serendipity describes the human situation of accidental discovery.”


Learning about Pseudoserendipity has made it easier to interpret Serendipity.




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