The tutorial with Ian gave me the opportunity to talk about my idea, it lead to me becoming quite passionate about it, but also weary of the time-scale. He agree the idea would work better if it was interactive, thinking it may be tossed aside if it was just a leaflet or plain book.

We discussed it possibly being an app or website a swell. I liked the idea of the App/website changing everyday, keeping it minimal, maybe its just a single page with a new challenge, tip, story everyday?

Action to take this week

  • To organise the information I’ve collected, for the content of the book.
  • Start mocking up – playing with paper and card.
  • Research books, might be worth going into town and checking out a book shop.
  • Design and illustrative style of the book? pages?

Having travelled back to Cardiff, then straight to uni and back home, its safe to say starting this tomorrow, fresh, is going to be a healthier option. Excited tho!




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