Tutorial Ray

After Mondays tutorial with Ian I got straight into planning the content of my publication. I was worried about the number of pages I was going to be able to put together, so I overcompensated with the ideas, because I knew it’s something I could discuss during my next tutorial Thursday. I had Ray today, which I was hopping for because I like to receive feedback from difference tutorials.

Tutorial went really well. Got some positive and constructive feedback. We discussed the content, and as predicted Ray criticised the amount of information/pages I intended to integrate into the back, more based on the time scale of the project. See as we have a week left it was recommend that I focus on few pages but to have them designed decent level of standards, but I can then expand of them for the formative assessment and showpiece. We talked about the illustrating, Ray suggested they could be done in a serendipitous manner, I then thought I could do them like Juxtaposition.

Next steps

  • Focus on a handful of pages
  • sort out the content
  • start designing
  • research illustrations
  • check out a book store
  • think about the map concept
  • Mock-ups

Feel like I’m in a pretty good place with this project. Just got to make it clear of my intentions after next weeks presentation and the projects deadline.


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