Initial designs

After weeks of research and planning, it was time to start designing. I started by sketching a number of alternative designs for one of my spreads –


Once I had a minimal of 4 rough designs I proceeded with creating one of my spreads on Photoshop, due to using and manipulating images. Using the beautifully Illustrated publication Little White Lies, which is a film review magazine, as inspiration –

Started with the Google Spread

Google spread

At the moment I’m focusing on creating as many pages as I can so I can build on them. i usually leave the designing until the end, maybe, haven’t designed in so long I’m not sure of the process.

Workspace spread

Workspace spread

What I’m also trying to achieve with this books is that it contains a load of design  styles, typefaces and is an inspiration in itself. Maybe I’m overdoing it….again, I’m being experimental.

Tips spread

Tip spread

Every spread has a new font and done in a different style. Once I do a mock-up I see if it works or if it a visual overload.

Tip spread 2.jpg

It has been pretty experimental so far, I just want stuff to work with and forward.

Going to start working on the more interesting elements of the book next, like the Map and Chance.


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