Research: Online brief sites

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So I already knew about Drop-Box but it’s worth going over again. What I’ve noticed is that the briefs are pretty thin. Considering we have 5 week for this project, I don’t believe I’m going to find anything substantial on BriefBox. I’ll still have a more in-depth look into the site.

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Found this site through google, which has loads of briefs, for big companies(much like the D&AD and YCN) and some are live –

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What I’ve noticed is that it’s meanly for creating campaigns, so I’m going to have to work out what I want to do. Our brief states whatever we choose to do for this project, should be what we intend to do after uni, and our exit plan. I’ve got to look at what I’ve already done these last two years in Cardiff, and need to inspect my portfolio so what I need to improve on or what I need.

Found this article – Why Don’t You? – 50 project briefs from leading creatives to inspire your next project

“Every creative knows that stepping outside your comfort zone and getting your teeth sunk into an extra-curricular project is good for expanding your skills and firing up those dusty, unused neurons. But without the rigid structure of a client’s needs, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

Here fifty of the world’s best artists, designers and animators have racked their brains to develop inspiring and challenging briefs to test your mettle. Some are inspired by real-life problems, others are whimsical adventures into imaginary worlds – but all will get your creative juices flowing.”

Which has short creative challenges off 50 creatives, for example

Luke Manning Creative director at Pencil

We are constantly battling certain clients regarding the benefits of design and how time and money should be invested in the creative stages of the design process.

Create the strategy and identity for a brand that acts as an ambassador for the benefits of design, and educates people to be much less budget-driven in their decisions.

Chris Harrison Creative director at Harrison & Co

Who doesn’t find the Internet distracting? It’s a great place for inspiration, but before you know it your kids have grown up and left home – and you missed it all because your head was stuck in Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Flickr. Design an app (yes, it’s meant to be ironic) that helps you spend more time in the ‘real world’, and less time online.

Small briefs, but could give me some ideas. is a site that produces totally random brief,  just a single sentence, and is quite quirky. Maybe not too relevant, but could give me a some Ideas.

Going to check out the D&AD brief and work out what I want to do outcome wise.



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