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What is my portfolio missing? Currently under maintenance due to creating a custom site on Adobe Portfolio, which is also linked to Behance, the projects I’ve currently included –

  • Penguin Book covers, have three to showcase
  • Real world(got commissioned)
  • Fiver-Tree, but I’m unsure as I’ve got plenty of work todo with it
  • Album artwork I did for Polaroid vision(not sure if it’s off a good enough standard)

five in total, as I learnt from Tom Lloyd of Bluegg is a good number of projects to exhibit in a portfolio. In order of most successful and uniqueness –

  • The Big Idea: Publication/Potential showpiece
  • Real-World: Live client/Commissioned/Got a first
  • Fiver-Tree: Illustration Bottle/Competition
  • Penguin: Bookcover design/Competition/collection of designs

I’m missing branding and campaigns. Did both for level 5, but I’m not happy with anything I did last year. I think I could do a branding project in two weeks max, so it’s not really ambitious enough. Campaigns thou….might be whats missing. Animation is still something I’d like in their, but thats something I wanted to do with the Fiver-Tree brief and still might. This is why I’m swaying toward the D&AD creative cloud or D&AD fortune favours the brave briefs.


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