Fortune Favours The Brave

Just a few thing’s I thought might be relevant and inspired me. The more I talk about this project, the better acquainted I get with it, the more I understand what I’m doing.



In a way, this sums up the brief, but, with-out the failing part. Like Pixar say, make mistakes, mistakes and failing is the same right?, as quickly as possible and correct them a quick as possible. You can’t avoid failure.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 19.02.57

A great quote I found I think on twitter. I think to have a creative licence you need to separate yourself from the norm, which takes courage in itself, but to share your ideas with such a diverse audience takes the courage and bravery of a lion.


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.14.31

Last but not least, this relates more to the approach rather than the topic of the brief, “Think of the obvious, and do the opposite”. This has both helped me when thinking about this project, and when I re-visited the penguin book-cover brief today. It’s similar to the concept that don’t go with the first idea that comes to mind, because the majority of time someone else has already thought of it.


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