Penguin Book Cover Comp re-visit

I’ve decided to spend an hour, or so, a day re-visiting old projects. First up is Penguins: A Clockwork Orange. I was happy with my out, but considering the amount of time I spent design, a few hours, I know it can be a lot better, and I can definitely get it to a standard worthy of the competition.

Old design

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 01.12.03

Want to play with the colours, imagery and type….so pretty much everything. I don’t want to change anything on the back-cover, unless the front-cover design changes to dramatically that I have to. It’s all about the front. I do like the overlay effect of the figures, something I want to experiment with.

Altered design – The digital mock-up is slightly on the wide side so it doesn’t do the design 100% justice, so bare with me.

Design 1 mock-up

One of the pieces of feedback I received was the relationship with the pocket knife and the title, so taking the title to the bottom of the page gave me freedom to utilise more space up the top, felt like before it was a little too minimal. I’ve re-arranged the imagery so it looks like Alex is threatening himself, and I’ve incorporated the triangle, being symbolic to controlling and capitalism. The triangle also nicely frames Alex.

Then, I was considering taking the white out altogether, but then I thought, why isn’t it all white? White is a symbol for futuristic and Alex’s gangs uniform is white, I chose the blue/green before I wanted it to be the opposite to orange, and the milk…is white!ha

‘White is the new orange’ in this case, hope someone gets that!haha

White design

Design 2 mock-up

I need to experiment with the balance and order of colours, well tones, maybe the whole book should be white? I love the contrast of the imagery on the back-cover, but I’ll experiment with it. As I discussed in my last blog post about this project, which was a while ago, I was considering finishes to the book e.g. gloss UV or Matt. Because the tones may blend in a bit, being so subtle, different finishes will add some contrast so I’ve got to look into that.

Whiter than Daz

Design 3 mock-up

That’s it for now! very happy with the sudden progress and think with a couple more hour on this it’ll be ready to submit.


2 Comments on “Penguin Book Cover Comp re-visit”

  1. rubyhelyer says:

    Hahaha that is SO Ben’s silhouette. I love it.


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