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Right, no more quibbling, I’m picking the D&AD Brief: Fortune Favours The Brave. Why? A few reasons, first being because I was inspired when D&AD come into uni, it’s D&AD considered the Golden Globe of design, and I’m intrigued by the creative challenge.

Creative Challenge

Design an enterprise, service or product that will spark a surge in courage to benefit the creative industries. Think about what bravery means to the creative industries. Then consider how you’ll stir creatives to push boundaries, stand up for their ideas or, indeed, even fail… and then learn from that failure, and ultimately use it to establish a more courageous creative practice.

Obviously I’m going to go over the brief, in-fact I have but I left it back at home, my only concern, well I’ve got two, being that I don’t think this is the best brief for a show-piece and I’m worried about the brief outcome. Once I have a tutorial I’ll be fine, which is tomorrow, but it’s a group one.

My gut feeling is that I should do this brief, so lets go with it.


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