Great tutorial with David, and exactly what I need to get started and motivated for the project. We discussed the following:

  • What being brave/courageous mean’t to me
  • Past D&AD winners – Make your mark
  • Narrative – context of professional and designer experiences
  • Design for design vs design for change
  • Community? design
  • I need to be brave on this project
  • Brave/ballsey/bold designers/creatives, e.g.Stefan Sagmeister
  • Social potential and effect
  • How can I instil bravery into our practice?

Action I’m going to take:

  • What does an enterprise have to be? what can it be? creative enterprises
  • What is courage/bravery? Ask friends, professionals, tutors
  • What professions do you think when it comes to bravery? firemen for example. What effect can it have on the world if design wasn’t brave or ambitious? Bridges for example, connecting places

Should keep me busy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.31.10


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