Creative Bravery

The Guardian: Why creativity must be brave and meaningful

The article start with this “What would you do if you knew for sure you wouldn’t fail?” Robert H Schuller ,American Christian televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author. The same quote I got from Design-Milk. So my initial thinking is that designers are scared, shy, vulnerable to criticism and afraid of failure. What I learnt when writing my dissertation was that designers hold so much responsibility and their skills can shame society, maybe it’s the pressure and expectation thats burdening creative confidence.

The fear that our peers and our clients will reject our ideas if they are different or not what we ‘normally do’.” I work in Tesco, almost 9 years now which is ridiculous, and the truth of ‘The customer is always right’ I don’t think I’ve witnessed a case where thats been true, so in this case it’s your peers or client. I agree with criticism, but you are the professional not the client, well rarely, so why should they be right? they might get a say but at the end of the day your educated, mouled and skilled in design, your the professional.

“being open is the first rule of bravery” the article does no to say “We need to strive to throw off the false constraints imposed by what a brand or category normally do; something that is really going to make people stand up and take notice.” So really interesting information.

“The campaigns that are really standing out in the post-digital age aren’t just brave per se; they also courageously connect with consumers in a way that is truly meaningful to their everyday lives.”

“What makes all of these campaigns great is their success in inspiring people to touch, feel and manipulate their brand in a meaningful, positive way. They use technology where relevant and useful but, ultimately, they employ brave creative thinking to weave brands into everyday human interaction.”

Realise the article is more about courage design, rather than the individual, but it’s very interesting. Spent two days on this post, well over two day, and I’m after writing the proposal I’m a little dazed, so if this makes little sense then sorry, I did try and highlight the import and standout stuff.

The information is there, so I’ll continuously go back to it, and again I found some great resources. Cannes Lions was mentioned again in this and I spent an hour or so looking at previous winners and the creatives behind the projects.

Two amazing project I found as a result of reading this article:


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