Proposal breakdown

Despite choosing to do a D&AD brief: ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ for this project, I still have to submit a proposal explaining the following:

  • why have I chosen this brief?
  • Where my initial research will focus?
  • Why are you doing the project?
  • Project aims – Stated on D&AD brief
  • Audience – same as above

Why have I chosen this brief

A number of reasons, first being it is the D&AD, where their coveted pencil’s have been described as the golden globe’s of the design industry. Then I was impressed when D&AD representatives came into our university and gave a talk as well as a workshop, talking us through this exact brief, which inspired me. As for the brief itself, I was curious, intimated and didn’t think I could do it back when we went over the competition briefs in November/December, then I realised this is exactly what I need to do, especially as a final project, I need to feel out of my depth, be ambitious and brave, because the real world isn’t going to be a breeze. I was also interested in the creative outcome, an enterprise/service or product, something I’ve never tried. final university project, final chance to throw myself into new.

Where my initial research will focus

Firstly I will be asking myself ‘what is bravery?’ then I will research what bravery means in the creative industry, where I will be asking fellow students, peers and professionals what it means to them. I will read as much as I can on the subject, and I intend to explore how it has effected the most recognisable names in design, over all fields, with the idea to collect as many story’s as I can. Then I aim to question what an enterprise is, what it can be, and exploring if there is already a similar creative platform out there that answers this brief.

Time to design it. Was thinking of using the style of D&AD


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