Brief Breakdown

Should of done this sooner, not like I haven’t work, but it’s about time I focused on the briefs and spent a bit of time breaking it down.

D&AD Brif Breakdown

As done in the workshop at uni, as well D&AD Newblood, just today, replied to one of my tweets with the link, the brief breakdown is an exercise to simplify the intentions of the brief.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 17.48.49

Read all the information it is giving you. Think about what the essential points are, what specific words communicate and key pieces of info that stand out. Highlight them.

There is probably a lot of info there, probably A LOT of words flying around. You need to break it down. You’re going to break down the brief into just 16 words. These 16 words should communicate what the brief is asking you to do. Imagine you are giving this to someone instead of the full brief. How can you get them to understand what the task is in the same way but in only 16 words? Pull in any of the specific info or words you highlighted to help you.

My response

To encourage bravery amongst the creatives entering the industry, through an enterprise, service of product. 15 words

For those entering the industry, design a platform that helps creatives be brave and courageous. 15 words

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 17.48.37

Now you have your 16 words, really think again about what the crucial points are. How many words could you shave and still communicate what the brief is asking you to do? Could you get rid of 8 words? Ok. Do it. In 8 words, what is the brief asking you to do? Rearrange the ones you have, use 8 new words or mix it up.

My response

To encourage new creatives to embrace bravery. 7 words

invent a platform helping new creatives harness bravery. 8 words

re-invent an entire industry to help new creatives. 8 words

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 17.48.30

So now you’ve got it down to the bare bones right? Those 8 words are all gold and they are all completely vital? But which ones could you do without? Can you do without another 4 words? Try and get it down to just 4 words. Remember, you are trying to communicate as much of the information from the full brief as possible. Think about which words carry the most meaning.

My response

re-invent the creative industry. words 4

platform for new creatives. words 4

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 17.48.19

What next? You guessed it. Halve it again. 2 words. Go.

My response

Creative platform. 2 words

Re-invent industry. 2 words

Conclusion for exercise

A great little exercise and a brilliant way of breaking down as well as simplifying the brief. The last two tasks clarify a couple of directions for me: Re-invent the creative industry or Platform for new creatives.

Plan of action

  • Find out from tutors and professions what the industry is like, what it’s lacking and what they think should change to help new creatives.
  • What kind of platform? social platform for new creatives? like linkedin, but specifically for new designers?

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