Current focus and thoughts

In the tutorial Thursday we discussed what an enterprise could be for this brief. We talked about it being a platform, like a social network or forum, but I think during a digital age designers hide behind their screens and the internet, which is concerning and restricts them. In a talk by Alex Jenkins, he said that designers tend to be introverted, and I couldn’t agree more. I think bravery is how someone can be in social situations and courage in design is about being out there and not stuck behind a screen.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m getting at, but I feel that whatever service, enterprise, or product I create it should be a about bringing people together, not an online thing. This is mean’t to be ambitious, so I’m not going to be realistic with what I can achieve, because it’s what D&AD can do with my idea.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 15.27.55

Despite people already setting off and designing for their briefs, I feel like I’ve got a adleast half this project to come up with an intelligent, promising, and simple idea, because thats what it’s about, in fact I may not need to design anything. Oh, just discovered that the main mandatory submission is a 2min film outlining my idea…. GOD!ha just waiting on a highlighter pen so I can really go over the brief…will be the next post.

This week I’m just going to research: What is out there in terms of design enterprises for post-graduates or college-graduates? What my peers,fellow students and professionals believe bravery is? do they have stories?(which I’ll interview those I can and I email and tweet the others with a series of questions) What can a product be? or service?

Game plan

Two weeks of researching, exploring, questioning and thinking. Then a weekend stag-do in Dublin which breaks things up nicely, which gives me two weeks to work on the presentation film. This is going to be a mean four weeks. Not to mention the other project I’m working on.


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