D&AD New Blood

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Some questions that I need to ask and answer myself.

  • How can we push our clients out of our respective comfort zones?
  • How do we, and when should we, stand up for our ideas?
  • How can we manage the balance between ‘being inspired by’ and ‘ripping off’?
  • What can we learn from failure?

Last question stands out the most to be and is an important element of the brief

Oxfam: Rewarding risk taking

Great article explaining the reason behind choosing the D&AD Student Awards Oxfam brief for 2010 winners.

“However their win has been more than controversial, and in particular has been criticised from people who I personally (and the industry) respect greatly as experts in the field. People who, like me, believe that there are more powerful ways of doing good than what we traditionally call “advertising”. So, I thought I should explain a little about our joint (and very enthusiastic) decision.”


In the contrast to the YCN brief, being there was very little information to work with, D&AD have A LOT of resources, and I mean a lot! Which is good and I don’t know why I’m worried as we’ve only had the brief just over a week. I’m overwhelmed…granted that, but I need to breath and, like my dissertation, slowly work my way though it.


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