Re-visit The Big Idea

The Big Idea

Finished this project over a week ago now, but, it’s still pretty fresh in my head, so why take advantage of this and re-visit it for a few hours today. Think the feedback I received was fair and know that I have plenty more to do in order to get it to a respectable level for the summative assessment and the final show.

Feedback I received

Book – suggest title change to “Serendipity, a designers guide”.

The varied styles/layouts work well through book. And lots of work here.

The book should always be presented as flat artwork (so we can read all text easily) as well as in mock up form.


What’s a “productivity writer”

Spice up you commute … why not take out that horrible word “uni” and just reference work. Could the opposite page make use of the squares to suggest a version of snakes and ladders  – different routes encountering different inspirational events at different locations?

Might be useful to expand on “stories” which might be made up, but believable about how an element of serendipity crept into a project and made it wonderful?

Looking at the TASKS page, as well as (No 2 draw a insane …) mistake, there is another mistake where No 4 task runs across second column … it might be nice to contrive a happy accident where the collision of words creates an interesting outcome?

Why is the look of the book abandoned in screen versions? It is important to keep at least some visual connection across platforms.

Icons should be more imaginative – they don’t seem to be in the spirit of serendip

Serendip has a nice ring to it – almost a mix of serendipity and luck dip!

Action taken

Plenty to get on with. I agree with the title, it was something I wasn’t 100% with at the time, even the design I questioned if it was fitting, although I was happy with it’s simplistic design.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.00.10.png


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.24.07.png

This second one uses the symbol I designed for the app ‘Serendip’. In favour of the second one.

Then I did this…procrastinating a little

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.54.08.png

Only issue with this new design, is I’d have to change the branding over all the platforms so their in sync.

Action needed

  • Need to create a content, introduction and page explaining the meaning of the word
  • Need to evaluate and proof read the content of each page
  • Create a more direct link between the formate of the week and the website.
  • Could experiment with the icons
  • Tackle the checkered page opposite the ‘spice up our commute’ page.

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