The Big Idea book cover

Chilling on my bed, about to go to sleep, when a spark of inspiration comes my way. It started as i’m skimming through twitter, I came across Josh Baugh, Cardiff based graphic designer, so I checked to see if he had a website, he didn’t, but he had an Instagram page. I had a browse and was caught by the flat designs he had created:

The first one was so peaceful and surreal, I wanted to incorporate that into my work. It occurred to me that I wasn’t happy with the cover design of my book, so why not use this soft style? I thought of how the earth could be the centre point, this because serendipity is considered destiny and fate in the university, so maybe I’ll focus on the earth.

Granted theres a lot of different emotions projected through these designs, it’s the graphics element I’m interested in.

Tomorrow I’ll experiment with this, partly due to being in a bit of a creative rut with the D&AD brief, so this should keep the creative juices flowing until I can talk to someone about the brief.


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