Always: Like a girl

Going through twitter, as I do on a regular basis, where I follow creatives, musicians, companies, etc.. I often come across something relevant to my project. Being in a bit of a creative rut with this brief I had no aspirations of getting any work done until I met with David today, so I was just working on my Serendipity: A designers guide book cover.  I saw someone had shared the brilliant Always: Like a girl campaign, which is about girls being stereotyped, and encouraging them to be braver and more courageous, which is what I’m trying to distill among creatives.

The campaign by Leo Burnett Chicago, creative agency Holler and Always, won D&AD pencils over eight separate categories, including Direct, Digital Marketing and Film Advertising. It was one of only five projects to win a Black Pencil in 2015-and the only one to do so in the ‘Creativity for Good’ category.


It made me think about designers being stereotyped. There is more to design than making logos, menus, posters, and t-shirt designs, and thats what this campaign made me think about, if you asked someone what we do they’d likely reply with, draw stuff. Design can and does have such a massive impact on society, something I discovered when writing my dissertation, and I think we’ve forget how talented we are.

Again, ‘Like a girl is an amazing campaign and I feel very inspired by it. Why can’t I make work like this one day? what holding me back?


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