Notes – that I will expand on each individually point.

  • Narrative: Non confident people keep their ideas to themselves, does that mean society misses out? what if someone like Steve jobs was like this and he hadn’t started apple?  What if…?
  • Instilling confidence
  • Idea is currency – idea and strategy > design skills
  • Upstarts Design Programme. What is it? – If you’re interested in getting started, or have maybe already dipped your toe in the world of advertising and design, then you should take a look at the Upstarts Programme being run by ICAD here in Ireland.They are running workshops in both advertising and design over a six week period. During the workshops a different brief will be given each week and it sounds like a terrific way to build up a portfolio. There are experienced mentors for each upstart and an exhibition of the work built up over the six weeks will be displayed at the end of the programme.There’s no charge for the workshops but to get a place (and there are only 12 places) you need to respond to an design brief to create a logo for the Dublin Olympics. So it’s an interesting idea, but in this case quite explicit and in Ireland.
  • Celebrating individualist
  • Working as a collective
  • exposing your own potential
  • A social event – festival – evening – social event? where? when? unconventional?
  • Achilles heel – being introverted, especially when it comes to share work, and our skills.
  • Simple
  • ‘Like a girl’ but for designers? We don’t just design menus, posters, or logos. Stereotypical thinking, like in the like a girl campaign, effects our confidence and enables us to reach our full potential as a designer.
  • D&AD New Blood academy again is explicit, and only for New Blood winners

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