Group tutorial

Not sure what to make of todays tutorial. I had a chat with David Yesterday, and it seemed Ray’s opinion was in slight contrast to David’s, and he wasn’t quite feeling my ideas. Where David really like the ‘What if’ idea, which carried a narrative, Ray, rightly, questions what it had to do with encouraging braver. I express my opinion it, what would society be like if the worlds greatest design inventions had never existed, due to being afraid? I just need to see how it would fit into a possible outcome. I’ve come to think that the festival might be a sound idea. An unconventional design festival, not like the cheltenham design festival I went to few years back were it was simply just design speaker, but a day, not network per-say, but few days working with professionals. Much like Design Wars Cardiff, were teams of 4/5 each has 1 professional and with a random theme and images they have to design a poster for a film, but what if the creative games in the festive challenged bigger things? what if companies and charity’s got involved?

I understand what I need to do now to progress.


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