Naming the festival

So I thought I’d look at a few music festival names, because whatever I name it and….design festival after it, isn’t going to cut it.

  • Bestival
  • Boardmasters
  • Download
  • Glastonbury
  • T In The Park
  • Leeds & Reading
  • Ozzfest

The elements I could take from them to form the name of this festival I’ve highlighted. What I like is the premise of ‘What Design Can Do’ festival. What I want is for this festival to be unconventional. Imagine a design festival not in a conference room or theatre, or like a fair….freshers fair full of stalls. Like the ‘What Design Can Do’ this festival will be a celebration, In this case, of brave design. What if it was in an underground warehouse, like the one we’ve got in Cardff

Key words asociated with my project

  • Brave
  • Courage
  • Unconventional
  • What if
  • Like a Designer

Here we go –

  • What If festival
  • #Whatif
  • Bravival
  • Bravfest
  • Couragefest
  • Bravury…yes!
  • #likeadesigner
  • Brave & Courage
  • Brave + Design = Brasign = Desave = Bravign = Design-rave

Will decide tomorrow


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