Party > festival

Considering what I intend to achieve, I think a party to celebrate Bravery in the creative industry is more fitting, rather than a festival.

Things I would have going on in the party –

  • Live music
  • Design talks(brief)
  • food stalls
  • workshop competitions teaming industry professionals with graduates
  • movies screenings

Things I could design – brand uniformed

  • Invitations – paper + digital
  • wrist bands – stamps
  • event schedules – map
  • directions signs
  • tote bags
  • t-shirts

For example:

Think I’ve given myself a more specific creative challenge. Branding the festival won’t be too difficult, and something I think would site nicely in my portfolio and as a show piece, but it’ll be organising and curating it that’ll be more difficult. Will find out Monday when I have a tutorial if my developed idea is a sound one. I think the mixture of planning this party(festival) and branding it will be good.


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