Interesting design/work spaces & Murals

As I want this to be an unconventional design event, tired of calling it a festival or party, I’m interesting in making the area and layout of it something different. For inspiration I’ve looked at creative work spaces, like google, sony, etc….

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 23.19.42

Really like this. It’s visual from the outside out cut off for privacy. Would be a nice fixture to have in the event for workshops or competitions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 23.15.25

Something Like this for the music would be nice. Simply a stag, comfy seats and sofas.


Been really interested in Murals over the last year. I really like the idea that srreet art doesn’t need to be on the street, but can be inside, sometimes in Gallery’s. What I was curious of was what is the difference between Mural’s and Graffiti? Found this great article that discusses the difference –

The difference between graffiti and murals

Firstly I loved this –

“It’s art that’s free and open for everyone to enjoy or converse about or be stimulated by”

and the main reason I like the concept of both murals and graffiti. It’s a lot about getting community’s together, expressing yourself and livening up blank urban spaces.

So the difference between murals and graffiti. Mural are usually organised and commissioned, while graffiti is often done without permission, without anyone knowing and for no money.

In the case of this event….itll definitely be murals and I want everyone to get involved. This event isn’t just about inspiring individual braver, but it’s about courage in the creative community, collaborating with others and meeting new people.


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