Re-capping, Re-evaluating and Re-directing

After a 3 day stag-do in Dublin, which I have to say is an amazing city, it’s back to work. I’m currently re-thinking the direction I’ve decided to take the brief, where I was committing to the ‘Bravery’ design event, I now find myself re-evaluating things. It was when David told me that an event like this one, that invites newly graduates to socialise, wouldn’t attract the kind of audience that this brief is aimed at ‘those who are not brave’. When D&AD came and gave the talk & workshop in our university, I felt inspired, which got me thinking, what if they did that again? The theme would be ‘Bravery’ and they’d tour all over Britain?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 21.30.56

I know I need to start producing visuals about now, which is key if I intend to use this project as a show piece, but “The Idea is King” (Stavros Cosmopulos) and I’m going to stick with that before getting caught up in designing for something that isn’t a sound response to the brief. It is frustrating, but for more important, that I get this right.

I’m not going to discard the ‘Bravery’ event yet, and even if I do I think I’ll continue with the branding. The aim by Thursdays group tutorial is to have the idea sorted and rough visual representations of how I intend to show it. I may sneak into uni for an off the record tutorial with David to get his opinion on the new direction, once I’ve developed it that is.


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